Modular vs Manufactured

Is it a modular, systems-built, prefab home or panelized home? Is it a manufactured, mobile home or double wide? These terms are often confused. They are all factory built homes, but there are differences.

Quite simply, a true modular home is built the same as a stick built home. It is total wood constructed, but built in a climate controlled environment. Once built it is delivered to the building site in modules that are 90-95% complete, then crane set on your foundation. The factory's finish crew and the building contractor then finish the homes interior and exterior applications and other site work improvements such as garage, porch and decks. Because of this systems-built construction process your home is built in less time than than a conventional stick built home and materials are not exposed to the elements of the weather or theft on the job site.

All modular homes must also meet or exceed the codes regulated by state, county and other local agencies.

Manufactured homes, also referred to as a mobile home or double wide, are also built in a factory environment. These homes are built on a permanent metal chassis that can be used with or without a permanent foundation. Manufactured homes are built to the HUD code which preempts local building codes as they relate to construction codes for manufactured homes.

Manufactured homes are single story, delivered to the home site in one, two or possibly three sections and are placed on private property or in a manufactured home community.